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Power Supply in Masbate stable amid preventive maintenance – DMCI MASBATE POWER

January 13, 2017

The DMCI Masbate Power Corporation (DMPC) reiterates that the power supply is enough to meet the power demand requirements of the Masbate province despite the shutdown of some of its generating sets to give way to its needed preventive maintenance which is critical to its operations.

Currently, the total dependable capacity of Masbate power plants is 20.80MW which is more than enough to cover the Masbate Electric Cooperative (MASELCO) peak demand of 16.64MW.

DMPC being the power supplier is committed to providing safe, efficient, and reliable supply of power to its stakeholder. Thus, when DMPC shuts down its generating sets early this year (January) for its preventive maintenance schedule, DMPC made sure that it provided a back-up generating sets to avert load shedding in the franchise area of its customers. Additional generating sets were deployed in Aroroy and Cataingan of 1.80W and 3.4MW respectively which were put online on February 17, 2016. This is to ensure sustainability of reliable power supply in the province.

Despite the shutdown of its 6.2MW Niigata 2 generator set caused by the preventive maintenance last 27 May 2016, DMPC urgently replaced the lost capacity of the Niigata 2 by commissioning the five-megawatt (5MW) AGREKKO service generator set to augment the power supply of the province. The said service gensets are already in place and running since May 28, 2016 and is already providing power to MASELCO.

DMPC emphasized that as a responsible power provider, it always makes sure to have a back-up generator sets prior to performing preventive maintenance activities making sure that it supports the power demand of the province more particularly within the franchise area of MASELCO. As such, DMPC coordinated with Masbate Electric Cooperative (MASELCO) prior to the implementation of its maintenance activities. The MASELCO as the power distributor, allocates the available power within its franchise area and implements the power interruption schedule among the end-users. DMPC further clarifies that it has nothing to do in choosing which area/s in the province shall be affected in case of power interruption schedules. 

Meanwhile, the on and off power outage experienced by the consumers is caused by the preventive maintenance request of MASELCO to give way for the replacement of their dilapidated poles and right-of way clearing activities which are critical to its operations in distributing safe, efficient, and reliable power to its consumers.

DMPC Plant Manager, Engr. Amante C. Rante said, “Our power generation system is stable and there is enough supply in our power plant operations. Moreover, we have commenced coordination with and requested support from all our partners in informing the public in instances when there are inadequate power supply affecting certain areas of Masbate.”

Rest assured that DMPC is continuously working hand in hand with MASELCO in taking necessary preparation and coordination to minimize the impact of power interruption activities in its operations and facilities.