Supporting Mangyan Kids’ Education

For Ezer Foundation, hope springs eternal no matter what the odds. Ezer, that means “help” in Hebrew, is a non-government organization that runs a chapter in Naujan, Mindoro providing free education to 53 indigenous and Mangyan children. Despite meager resources that make it difficult for the center to carry on its functions, the policy to never turn children away seeking help and education, stands firmly on the ground.

DMCI Power, believing in the foundation’s noble cause, did not hesitate to give a modest financial help in response to the foundation’s request.


“We prayed unceasingly that you respond favorably to our request,” said Pastor June Morillo, the center’s principal. “Happiness fills our hearts now as we receive God’s grace through DMCI Power,” he said.

“Many children are dependent on us for their education that’s why we muster all efforts to raise funds for them. God brought DMCI Power to us,” the principal said.

Day by day, the foundation struggles to cope with the growing requirements of the children, half of whom belong to the tribal communities in Mindoro. They walk 10 long hours down the mountains armed only with the determination to learn how to read and write.

Ezer Foundation took them in and provides them food, shelter and education from K-7th grade. “So we constructed dorms where they can stay.”

“We have two buildings standing but unfinished, an old water tank that barely provides water, a run-down staff house, and a covered court with half the roof blown away during the last storm,” the principal said to describe the current state of the center.

DMCI Power’s financial support amounting to PhP35,000 intends to help the center acquire a tractor for their farming needs. Children are taught farming techniques to yield bountiful harvests for their own consumption. The excess produce is sold in the market to earn extra for daily operations. It’s also the policy of the center to teach the kids become self-reliant and productive.

“Thank you DMCI Power, your support will go a long way,” the principal said.