Caring for the uncared

In a rural community where residents find health services expensive and scarce, it is only through free services, medical and dental missions that they have a chance to get the care they need.

It is for this reason that DMCI Masbate Power sponsored a medical and dental mission that the Mobo Parish spearheaded covering 18 barangays.

“The mass has ended, go in peace,” the priest pronounced, a cue for the organizers, beneficiaries, local government Mobo officials, DMPC employees and Masbate medical team to change clerical colors to medical white banners, a rapid transformation that happened in a sunny morning of 06 September 2015 (a Sunday) after the Eucharistic celebration. A medical and dental mission was set to happen that day with more than 200 indigents braving the heat of the sun.

The mission was for everyone, from 1-1/2-year-old child to 83-year-old grandmother with different minor to serious medical and dental conditions rejoining a free check up, free extraction, free medicines. Each one, focusing on his or her health complications, thanking the good Lord for this rare opportunity to be taken care of by medical experts.

mission 2

The goal of the Mobo Parish is to bring hospital care closer to the poorest of the poor for free. Rural folks, who fear the hospital atmosphere because of the expenses that they will spend, are now meeting, facing and trusting their lives once again to medical professional practitioners.

The medical team was composed of the Masbate Medical Society which was headed by Dr. Cynthia Placer together with her four associate doctors and the Philippine Dental Association Masbate Chapter which was headed by Dr. Jullie Ann B. Lim together with her nine associate dentists and five aids. The attendance was also full packed with different religious organizations, Parish Pastoral Council, and a DMPC company nurse leading the team to assist and document the event, fortunately with a World Bank pro videographer, Mr. Thomas Nybo.

Doctors checked and served a total of 222 patients who patiently waited for their turn in a long line. This was also a sweet reunion for the medical experts, who sacrificed their rest day with their loved ones just so to serve the poor needing medical help. It was certainly a date with strangers who may not say thank you after the motion. Nevertheless, they felt fulfilled serving the poor whose customary practice is to go to the rural shaman for healing for they have no better options.

For its part, DMPC became part of an effort that helped Mobo people restore their good health and strength. All for His greater glory